01/03/2019 - At Utilcell, we are very proud to continue growing every year. This time we started 2019 enlarging our facilities with a new 1.000 sqm space in Barcelona’s factory and headquarters. This facility is a new internal laboratory space, equipped with many calibration test machines of 300kg, 1t, 5t and 10t, with dead weights, and with a hydraulic force machine with a calibrated reference load cell up to 600t.

These variety of force machines, together with the new equipment, as their temperature chambers, have outstanding quality on their calibrated reference dead weights and the reference load cells, together with a very good thermal stability of the new climatic chambers.

All these will allow our R+D engineering team to have more and better resources for a better and faster product development, including the metrological approvals and other quality certifications. Additionally, it is an important tool for reinforcing of the quality control of the equipment dedicated to our production and, consequently, to our manufactured products.

we invest heavily into R&D and equipment to ensure permanent development of our products to meet the best standards and our customer requirements. Quality, reliability, innovation and service have been our priority for near last 40 years of Utilcell.