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Utilcell - manufacturer of load cells, accessories and weighing electronics

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UTILCELL is a manufacturer of load cells, accessories and weighing electronics. Since our beginnings, 40 years ago, we have been leaders in the national load cell market, which has enabled us to expand internationally and consolidate ourselves today as one of the five main manufacturers in the world.
As a family-owned business, it's in our nature to work and collaborate closely with our clients, which allows us to grow as a company due to the confidence acquired in our products and personalised assessment.
Sabaté family
The second generation of the Sabaté family

We are a worldwide acknowledged brand name in the weighing industry

Utilcell manufacturer of load cells, mounting accessories and weighing electronics

Utilcell is framed within a continuous expansion and development process

Our broad experience gained from years of manufacturing and assessment has been put into daily improvement as a company, reinforcing our knowledge of industrial weighing system applications in any sector. The overall competitive situation in the market has strengthened us, making us concentrate even more on product quality improvement, as well as continuous in-depth research regarding economies of scale, and the expansion of services in customer care. Constant growth has lead to the incorporation of new professionals and production capacity increase, allowing us to attend to rising worldwide demand in a more flexible and competitive fashion.
Graph of Number of professional clients in the manufacture of load cells
Number of professional clients

Commitment with the client

Our main goal is to fully satisfy our clients' needs and transmit our passion for our products and services to them.

  • Product quality, performance and robustness.
  • Continuous technological development.
  • Cost efficiency, which is then transferred to our clients.
  • Close, personal dealings.
  • Desire to advise on the best solution.
  • Excellent service, quality and price relationships.

Areas of application

UTILCELL supplies key components to the principal specialists for their weighing solutions.
  • • Scales and balances:
    • - Commercial scales and medical scales.
    • - Industrial scales, pallet scales, livestock scales, truck scales and rail weigh scales.
  • • Machinery:
    • - Packing, packaging, baggers.
    • - Sorters for the horticultural sector.
    • - Transport and lifting vehicles.
  • • Process weighing for:
    • - Weighing in tanks, hoppers, reactors and silos.
    • - Dispensing and mixtures.
    • - Engineering, automation and process control.
  • • Test and quality control machinery.
  • • Special products, custom-made at client's demand.
Areas of application of utilcell load cells and electronic weighing
Load cell and electronic weighing factory  Technical diagrams of load cells and weighing accessories

Our own R&D and production resources

Utilcell has personnel, installations and technical means available, which undergo permanent updating for manufacture under the most stringent quality assurance, covering from precision mechanical components to electronic assembly, verification and trials.
  • Three specialised manufacturing centres per product.
  • 5.500 m2 installations with over 150 professionals.
  • CNC machining manufacture specialised in mechanical accessory production.
  • Quality assurance department for continuous process improvement.
  • Verification and trial instrumentation and machinery: climatic chambers, mass presses, force generators and test benches for application optimisation.
  • R&D department for continuous investment to be at the technological forefront of the sector.
  • Quality department for continuous process improvement.
Research and development workshop

Wide-covering manufacturer's guarantee

The main added values emphasised by our clients are:

35 years of manufacturing experience and more than 1,000,000 units installed throughout the world. High production capacity. Extensive product range: Complete weighing solution from 0.3 kg to 600 t. For special projects, our R&D department can prepare tailor-made designs. Manufacturing quality that ensures product reliability and uniformity for very demanding environments:
  • Manufacture in accordance with international metrological standards such as OIML, EN45501, MID, NTEP, GOST and ATEX as well as the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system.
  • Top quality raw materials selected with the collaboration of main manufacturers throughout the world.
  • 100% production control.
  • Each unit is individually tested under load conditions and inside climatic chambers at various temperatures.
  • Network instrumentation for automatic calculation of temperature coefficients, zero and sensitivity compensation to guarantee complete production traceability.
High stock availability for our main references; because of our supply agility, the client purchases against demand without having to maintain high stock levels. Very competitive prices due to three factors:
  • Continuous search for cost efficiency.
  • Large production volume with high efficiency levels.
  • Strategic production plant location with very competitive unit costs.
Personalised client attention, via our dynamic professional commercial team, that provides a simple flexible purchasing process. We are specialists in the manufacture of key components for weighing systems. Specialised technical advice given our excellent application knowledge, which enables us to provide the weighing solution that best adapts to the needs of each client. Qualified experience in international transport management to the client's premises.

Customer care and worldwide logistics

Utilcell's sales and logistics departments are professional, trustworthy and close at hand. Our main commercial goals are based on:
  • Offering personalised customer care through a single person of contact with direct factory support.
  • Our vocation to provide the client with the best weighing solution and satisfy their needs in an agile fashion.
  • Putting forth personalised technical advice for our clients, from load cell selection to the start-up operation.
  • Extending assistance in our client's purchasing management, as well as staff's technical training.
Utilcell arranges and sends shipments to clients in five continents, with a direct regular supply to over sixty countries and an exportation volume that represents 70% of the overall turnover. The company's headquarters are situated in Barcelona, with local offices in several countries and an extensive worldwide distribution network that allows Utilcell to supply its products to more than 4000 clients.
 World map indicating utilcell headquarters and offices


 Logistics for the manufacture of load cells and weighing electronics
 Utilcell stand at fair
Utilcell's presence at the principal international shows and events reveals the company's desire to be present in the most select weighing sectors around the world.
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