Technical Notes & Tools

Load Cells Introduction
Load Cell Troubleshooting
Stainless Steel for Load Cells
Cable Extension of a Load Cell
Electrical Circuit of a Load Cell
Load Cell + Junction Box + Weighing Indicator Connection
Ingress Protection IP
ATEX - Nomenclature and Coding
Position of the Mass Center
Lightning Protection
IP69K Protection
Weighing Kits for Tanks and Silos
Selecting a Load Cell for Tanks and Silos
Silos Leveling
Mechanical Connections in Tanks
Advantages of Silos Weighing
Wind in Silos
Calibration Guide for Tanks
Mod. 740 - Short Description
Mod. 740 - Assembly in Bridge Scales
Mod. 740D - Digital Load Cell Advantatges
Junction Box and Corner Adjustment
Platforms Design with 2 Cells for Check-Weighers
Accuracy on the Weighing System
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