Digital/Analog Load Cell Transmitter


Data Sheet

Digital / Analog Load Cell Transmitter Series based on last generation of A/D converters and microprocessors, obtaining a modern, compact and reliable design. It´s fully configurated and calibrated by front panel keyboard, avoids adjustment with potentiometers, reducing the difficulty of start-up, calibration and maintenance. It’s ideal for industrial installations with load cells.

Ref. Versions

89076DAT 400
89076PDAT 400 Option Profibus
89076DDAT 400 Option Devicenet
89079DAT 500
89079PDAT 500 Option Profibus
89079DDAT 500 Option Devicenet


  • Configuration and calibration by computer interface or via front panel keyboard
  • High resolution
  • Display 6 digit 14mm LED
  • 2 optically-isolated logic Inputs
  • 2 optically-isolated logic Outputs
  • Selectable Digital filtering
  • Auto-zero and zero-tracking functions
  • 10 point linearity compensation
  • Peak Hold function for dynamic measurement
  • Analog outputs: 0-5V DC, 0-10V DC, 0/20mA y 4/20mA selectable over the entire measuring range
  • Serial Outputs: RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 with MODBUS RTU protocol. Option: PROFIBUS or DEVICENET (replace analog output)
  • Up to 32 addressable units can be connected point to point by using the RS-485 serial output
  • Protection RFI / EMI
  • Enclosure: ABS plastic
  • Mounting:
    • DAT 400 Din Rail
    • DAT 500 Panel
  • Accessory MOD 121: Power supply 230V AC to 24V DC, DIN Rail mount
  • Transport weight: 0.3 kg

Technical Specifications

Power requirements:
Input voltage 24V DC± 15%
Power consumption 7,5W
Isolation Class II
Category Category II
Operating Temperature -10 a +40 °C (+14 a +104 °F)
Storage Temperature -20 a +50 °C (-4 a +122 °F)
Relative Humidity 85% non-condensing
Type 6 – digit red LED, 7 segment of 14 mm (0,55”) high
Status LED’s 4 Red LED’s
Keyboard 4 Keys (tactile feedback)
Excitation Voltage 5 V fixed, short circuit proof
Load Current 85 mA (six 350 Ω load cells)
Conversion Rate 50 updates/second (no filtering)
Resolution 60.000 counts
Sensitivity 0,2 µV / count
Linearity < 0,01 % of F.E.
Temperature Creep < 0,001% of F.S. / °C
A/D Converter 24 Bits
Signal Input Range -0,5mV/V to +3,5 mV/V (-3,9mV/V a +3,9 mV/V opcional)
Filter 0,1 Hz a 25 Hz selectable
Increment Size x1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x50
Decimal Point 0.0, 0.00, 0.000
Calibration Methods Computer interface or via front panel
Analog Output (Isolated):
Type 16 bit D/A conversion
Voltage 0-5 and 0-10 V DC (10 KΩ min load)
Current 0-20 and 4-20 mA (300 Ω max load)
Linearity < 0,012% of full scale
Temperature Creep < 0,001 % of F.E. / °C
Inputs & Outputs:
2 Logic Inputs Opto-isolated, 24 V DC PNP (requires ext.power supply)
2 Logic Outputs Solid-state Opto-relays, (maximum load 24 V DC/100 mA each)
Serial Output RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485
Standard Protocols ASCII, Modbus RTU according PI-Mbus-300* MODICON guide
Baud Rate 2400, 9600, 19200, 38400 y 115.200 selectable
Enclosure DAT 400 DAT 500
Overall Dimensions 106 x 90 x 58 mm (LxAxP) 96 x 48 x 139 mm (LxAxP)
Mounting DIN Rail Panel
Enclosure ABS ABS
Protection (front) IP20 IP20
Weight 280g 310g
Wiring Connections Terminal blocks (pitch = 5mm) Terminal blocks (pitch = 5mm)
Panel drill 92 x 44 mm

Electronical Accessories for this Model

Technical Documentation

Data Sheet
EU Declaration of Conformity DAT
EU Declaration of Conformity Mod. 121
Instalation Manual DAT 400
Instalation Manual DAT 500
Instalation Manual DAT 500 Connection
Instalation Manual Mod. 121
AppManual - Configuration and Calibration in mV
AppManual - Dosing by Charge at 1 Speed
AppManual - Dosing by Charge at 2 Speeds
AppManual - Dosing by Discharge at 1 Speed
AppManual - Dosing by Discharge at 2 Speeds
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